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How do they do it?

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Want to know why the Right seems to dominate the public discourse, why they seem to win without being in power, how they convince “Joe SixPack” that the Republican Party is THE party for “American Values”, how they have turned the health care reform debate into a tale of death panels, death books, funding for abortions and illegal immigrants, government takeover, Americans losing their health insurance, etc.?

Three things:

1) Republicans have no shame about lying.  Seriously, they will say anything, no matter how preposterous, to get their way.  They will say it loudly, they will insist on their lies despite heavy evidence to the contrary.  If they are backed into a corner on their lies, they will either a) start to insult their opponent, b) restate the lie in a way that a very careful listener will see gives them some kind of an out, or c) insist that didn’t say what they just said.  BUT, and this is essential, the take-away story is the lie that was told.

2) all Republicans say the exact same thing in the media.  The discipline with these assholes is amazing.  As soon as someone comes up with an especially juicy, fear-mongering lie, and before the left (or, lets face it, the sensible) can expose it, the lie is immediately disseminated to the entire cast of politicians and talking heads for ENDLESS repetition on every single talk show, radio show, floor speech, press conference, editorial page, etc.

3) the story in the Press, and this might be the most crucial of all three, is what is said, not what is true or false.

For example:  “Many Republicans decry the health care plan’s use of “death panels” to screen the elderly for end-of-life care.  The White House and congressional Democrats insist that there is no such provision in any of the plans.  Clearly, the health care debate has a long way to go.”

Now, what’s wrong with this story?  While there is nothing actually false about this blurb, it misses a key point – ONE SIDE IS LYING!

How about this one:  “Many Americans say that the only way to cure cancer is to butcher a horse and spread the blood over the afflicted’s body.  The majority of Americans don’t believe this to be the case.  The search for a cure continues.”

Again, the story is simply what was said.  THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  Lets rewrite both of these, shall we?

1.  “Republicans continue to spread the ridiculous lie that Obama’s healthcare reform will put old people to death.”

2.  “There’s a small group of complete idiots in America saying some ridiculous things about crucial life and death issues.”  (Use in place of either blurb)

THAT, is news.  That, is the truth.  That, is what we need to hear.




Written by D. Heffernan

August 15, 2009 at 6:11 pm

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  1. You forgot one key element of How they do it. It’s not who’s right or who’s wrong, really that matters, it’s who says it LOUDEST. I often think of Republicans the way I think of the bullies who use to patrol the playground in 3rd grade. Join me or you get pounded. Do it my way or you get pounded. Give me your lunch money or you get pounded.

    People listen because they were psychologically trained to do so in 3rd grade. Does it make these jackasses right? No. It makes them loud. Does it move society forward an inch? No. On the contrary. It moves society in exactly the direction Republicans want us to go. Back to the Stone Age. Where men were men and women, well, women were animals. Where no one told you who you could kill (regulations, ah!), where you could go (limit my ability to 4×4 through sensitive desert ecosystems, will ya? I’ll show you!), or what you could do (oh yeah? You’re smarter than me? Well, I’ll show you Mr. Wiseguy always telling me that I shouldn’t kill our milk cow whenever I want some pleasure in my otherwise meaningless life, I’ll poop in your drinking water…let God Create some microbes in there that might make you think twice about ever getting in my way again).

    Scott Cooney

    September 1, 2009 at 6:42 pm

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