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“Bipartisan” Health Care Plan has no Republican Support…and sucks

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Oh yay, great, yeah, awesome, way to go there, Max.

Today, with what can only be described as a big F___ you to progressives, Senator Max Baucus (“D” – MT), big Pharma/insurance company whore (…yeah, that’s right),  released the long-awaited Senate Finance Committee version of the Health Plan.  Yes, the work of the infinitely Bipartisan “Gang of Six” is finally done, although the 3 Republicans in the gang contributed only the water for the watering down.  It is somewhat unclear whether all committee Democrats will end up supporting the bill.  Of course, 2 of the Republicans, Mssrs. Enzi and Grassley were never really serious about negotiating, and since the “compromise” to a public option is NO public option for the 3rd Republican “gang member”, Snowe wasn’t much of a factor either.

So, what’s in this prescription for what ails our country?  Despite my inherent suspicion about a reform plan that has the enthusiastic support of the pharmaceutical industry, I guess its worth a look:

Here’s some highlights of this “reform” legislation, the solution to our nation’s struggle against the rising cost of health care:

  • No public option (whew!  what a relief, eh?  Finally, someone has the back of the insurance companies?)
  • illegal immigrants barred from buying coverage (there you go, Joe Wilson.  You win.)
  • no federal funds for abortions, “except in case of incest, rape or danger to mother’s life” (now there’s a bow to the Right)
  • no coverage for end-of-life counseling (I’m sorry, I mean DEATH PANELS, DEATH PANELS, OBAMA WANTS TO KILL YOUR GRANDMA!!!)
  • All Americans are required to BUY health insurance or they will be fined (now that’s a great way to reduce costs)

Did a Republican write this?  Why did it take so long to get a plan that more or less capitulates to/humors every Republican talking point about Health Care during the “debate” at town halls this summer?  Is this the bipartisan dream that Obama’s been talking about?  Why is this guy, with Democrats absolutely DOMINATING both houses of congress AND the White House, in charge of reforming health care?  Public option out, sensible provisions removed, insurance company stocks rise...oyyyyyyyy…

Soooo, excited?  Neither is anyone else.


Written by D. Heffernan

September 17, 2009 at 6:19 am

2 Responses

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