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Mental Patient Runs Amok on House Floor

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MicheleBachmannBlackMy hope is this:  more is said about this little district in Minnesota than our nation at large, that someone like this (seriously?  SERIOUSLY?) could be twice elected to a position of political power.

The first I’d heard of this lunatic was her McCarthy-like rant on Chris Matthews calling for investigation of her fellow congress members for “Anti-American Sentiment.”

Since then, the madness has been getting louder and louder.  From relying on prayer and fasting to defeat Obama’s health care plan, to calling for the overthrow of our government to stop global warming legislation, to illegally refusing to fill out census forms, she has been an amusing, if somewhat alarming, voice in conservative politics.  That she is seen as too extreme even by some Republicans, doesn’t change the fact that she is loud and crazy, and thus rallies the Republican base, contributing to the general stupidicizing of American political discourse.

And despite her tendency towards a craziness even some Republicans can’t embrace, she’s loyal to Republican talking points.  All of our favorites: death panels, socialism, Obama not a U.S. citizen…she does the good work of her party.  Oh yeah, and apparently suicide is a great way to battle health care reform.

And now the latest:  Obama wants to set up “sex clinics” at schools around the country to give abortions to 13 year old girls.  Where does she get this?  From the empty space between her ears?  Well partly, but also from a  section in the health care bill going through the Senate Finance Committee right now that provides funding for School Based Health Clinics (SBHC).  Go ahead, take a look at this sinister program.  Apparently, there’s no difference between providing health services at schools for students AND forcing them all to get abortions, right?  WRONG.  But it makes a great headline, doesn’t it?

Sigh…it would be funny if no one listened.  It would be a simple shaking of the head back-and-forth if insane statements from right wing lunatics didn’t somehow become stories on major news networks.  It would make me only slightly nervous if loud, right wing assholes didn’t get huge ratings.

Remember, all it takes is repetition and a loud voice to become news.  Assholes DO matter.

We need to be louder than them.


Written by D. Heffernan

October 3, 2009 at 4:57 pm

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