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“BREAKING” NEWS: Republicans Hate America

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Look at this.

In case you’re curious, this is footage of a group of patriots assholes from the Americans for Prosperity’s (of Tea Bagger – whoops, wrong link, I mean Tea Party fame) “Defending the American Dream” (insert ironic punchline here) summit, shortly after the announcement that Chicago lost out to Rio De Janiero in its bid to host the Summer Olympics in 2016 – a bid that Obama made a personal appeal for.

To be sure, not the greatest moment for Obama.  And not the greatest moment for America.  Although its hard to gauge accurately, the benefits of hosting the Olympic games (jobs, tourism, infrastructure investment, not to mention the national pride)…are hard to deny, especially in challenging economic times.

But if the Right Wing is good at anything, its hating Obama.  Republicans, it seems, found it inappropriate that Obama should spend any time away from Washington when we are dealing with serious issues at home, you know, like stalling health care reform.

Never mind that George Bush spent 977 days in R&R at either Camp David or his ranch in Crawford, Texas.  Then again, there were very few, truly serious issues during his presidency.

Remember back in the day when Patriotism was king, when supporting a president in a time of war (read: George Bush’s entire term) was just S.O.P.?  Remember when speaking ill of the U.S. while traveling abroad was frowned upon?  Those days are over. Really, truly, completely over.

Its open season.  Hate is in again!  What’s bad for Obama is somehow good for America.  If Obama loses, we win!!


Republicans are bad for America.


Written by D. Heffernan

October 7, 2009 at 3:39 pm

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