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Dumb and Dumber – Idiots march on Washington…again

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s-BACHMANN-largeEveryone’s favorite mental patient/congresswoman, Michele Bachmann (r – MN), rallied her base to “fight the crown jewel of socialism” (you know, health care reform) at the steps of the nation’s capitol (where real congressmen and women are actually working).  Facing a crowd of literally…a few thousand people…she openly called for revolution against the forces of…errr…helping sick people.

The usual mob of angry, dumb white people were in attendance, with the usual hate, bigotry and stupidity on display.  Also in evidence was the latest republican/conservative strategy:  compare EVERYTHING Obama or Democrats try to do as “just like the Nazis”.  (You know, because Hitler was mostly known for his progressive health care reform policy.)  Seriously…signs like this are unforgivable.

She might be crazy, but she’s not a lone wolf.  Her rally against congress (where she supposedly works) was fully supported by congressional republicans…and, of course, promoted heavily by Fox News, continuing, presumably, in their fair and balanced coverage of political issues.  Many of our favorite republican dickwads were in attendance at this “press conference” (that’s right, they called it a “press conference”).  Here’s some great quotes:

  • Minority Leader John Boehner (r – OH):  “This bill is the greatest threat to freedom that I’ve seen in the 19 years I’ve been here in Washington.”
  • Ridiculous Wonder-Clown John Shadegg (r – AZ): “(Supporters of the health care bill) want to enslave you and take away your freedom.”
  • Preposterous Jackass Paul Broun (r – GA):  “We are going to put a stop sign in front of (Nancy Pelosi’s) steam-roller of socialism…LET’S GET ‘EM!”

In just a small taste of karma, while this epic collection of knuckleheads basked in the glow of admiration from their small army of slack-jawed yokels, they somehow forgot to vote on some crucial, republican-sponsored Patriot Act amendments, all of which NARROWLY failed in their respective committees.  Oops.

Brilliant work, dummies.

Is it time to scrap this whole bipartisan idea yet?  WE DO NOT NEED THEM.


Written by D. Heffernan

November 7, 2009 at 10:12 pm

2 Responses

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