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Public Option Back?

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What’s that? The public wha?

You say its a system whereby a small segment of the population can choose a government-funded health care plan that provides a very minor downward pressure on national private insurance prices through competition? Sounds vaguely familiar…

In the last week, there has been a small but growing chorus of support among Democratic senators (lets face it, the Senate is where this stuff will live or die) to add the recently deceased public option to the final health care bill through a process called reconciliation (the RADICAL process whereby bills can be passed through a simple majority…the horror!).

So far, 19 Senators have signed on.  And, while 19 is a long way from 51, this list includes some heavyweights – Schumer, Specter, Leahy – and most recently, the big dog, Harry Reid himself, has indicated if the votes are there, he’ll make it happen.

But are the rest of the votes there?  Hard to believe we can’t get a simple majority with 59 seats (58 really, are we still counting Lieberman?  Seriously.), but Obama’s newly released “compromise” plan DOES NOT include a public option (thanks, dude). At the very least, he seems to be backing away from his preposterous bipartisan dream, and refusing the ingenious “start from scratch” approach favored by republicrat jerk-offs like Sen. McConnell (r-KY) and Rep. Boehner (r -OH).

But reconciliation doesn’t depend on the White House…we can still do this.  Ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, we have a health care bill…lets make it better.

Stay tuned for the televised “bipartisan” (meaning, republicans will be allowed to scream socialism, government take-over, grandma-killing, etc, etc.) health care summit…its going to be very, very interesting…maybe.

UPDATE:  We just hit 20.   Go, Senate, GO!!


Written by D. Heffernan

February 22, 2010 at 4:52 pm

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