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Health Care Summit: long, pointless

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Welllll…it came from the best intentions, but 7.5 hours later, it was just the same old thing:  republicans continued to cite cherry-picked, misleading statistics, robotically repeat that we start over from scratch, senselessly fixate on the brevity or lengthiness of whatever proposal (because neither really matters, its just another republican talking point)…

Okay, Mr. President, okay.  You tried.  Can we end the charade?

Pass something!  For God’s sake, pass something…

You know, I was pretty pissed over the whole “compromise” that finally led to the passage of the Senate Health Care Bill, which somehow has meant moving the whole thing drastically to the right – no public option, removal of end-of-life counseling provisions, hectic anti-abortion language – but NOTHING just can’t be an option…it just can’t be…

We need SOMETHING here.  We have to hang on.  We can’t be bullied by the republican minority, by the lunatics at the tea party protests, with their stupidity and their hate…and their weapons.

We have to move forward.


Written by D. Heffernan

March 3, 2010 at 5:55 am

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