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Karl Rove all about the irony

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Thats not my nickname for Karl Rove (it would have been much, much harsher), that was bestowed by former President George Bush.

We didn’t really expect this guy would disappear, did we?  I mean we hoped — desperately, foolishly hoped — but Fox News gobbled him up within weeks of that last sweet day of Bush’s failed presidency.

Fox “News” – halfway house for former criminals, like everyone’s favorite watergate mastermind G. Gordon Liddy, and Iran-Contra scandal star Oliver North.

So, this is the kind of gem, while “discussing” the U.S. response to Israel’s recent settlement-building announcement, that we can expect from Mr. Rove in 2010:

“…they [the Obama administration] let a cowboy president try to act in an extra-constitutional way to violate a fundamental principle in the Constitution, all without having done their homework in advance.”

…hear that?  That was the sound of your jaw dropping to the floor…

Yes, Barack Obama, the cowboy president.  Not Bush.

Oh, Barack Obama, always violating that pesky constitution.  Not Bush.  Certainly, not Bush. DEFINITELY, not Bush.  Need some more examples?

Oh, Barack Obama…why, WHY didn’t you do your homework in advance?  You know, like Bush did before we invaded Iraq.  Oh, you say he missed a few things, did he?


I have to believe that Rove knows exactly what he’s saying, that he smugly revels in the absurdity, the irony, the outright deceptions…that he explicitly relies on the collective short term memory of Americans in general, on the unbelievable gullibility of Fox “News” viewers, on truckloads of red meat rhetoric for the republican base to give life to his monumental lies, in an effort to recreate history, spread the fear and the hate…and return another dumb, war-mongering, born-again republican to the White House.


Written by D. Heffernan

March 17, 2010 at 3:00 am

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