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Smooth Sailing for Health Care Reform…HA!

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WE’RE SAVED!  Kind of…

The Senate Bill is now law…Obama, Pelosi, Reid and a tomato truck full of beaming Democrats had an all-smiles and handshakes and applause bill-signing ceremony yesterday.  Important reforms go into place IMMEDIATELY.  The reconciliation bill (from the House), which will modify the bill to make it a little less sucky, is now being “debated” in the Senate.

The republican/tea-party/right-wing-nut-job response?

  • A series of “can’t vote no” amendments during today’s Senate debate, meant to intimidate enough Democrats into passing at least one, thereby changing the bill and sending it back to the House for another vote…delay, delay, delay…highlight:  “No Erectile Disfunction Drugs for Sex Offenders”, courtesy of “Doctor” Tom Coburn (r-OK).
  • Red state attorneys general sue the government over constitutionality of helping the sick
  • Professional Twitterer and ex-governor Sarah Palin is calling the rabble literally to arms (sorry, i can’t bear to link to her sites…i’ll let you click through if you don’t believe it…its IS shocking…) against Democrats.
  • Throwing misspelled, message-laden bricks through the front windows of Democratic offices around the country.
  • Issuing death threats…does this need additional commentary?

They will do anything…ANYTHING to stop this.  No gutter is too low, no cheap shot too far below the belt.  Gun nuts, corrupt pols, chronic misspellers, bigots and general haters.

But we’re almost there…almost there…don’t waiver.  BE STRONG!

We got this.


Written by D. Heffernan

March 24, 2010 at 5:11 pm

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