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Never a dull moment, even when I’m too busy moving 1/2 mile away to write about it.  But everyone loves lists, right?  Well, here are my Top 3 stories (in no particular order) from the past…errrr…3 1/2 weeks?  (sorry)

1.  Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill:  From towering inferno to worst environmental disaster ever, this poster-boy for the “safety” of offshore oil-drilling is still pumping about 200,000 gallons of oil into the ocean…and onto land (and birds and turtles and…) every single day.  After an unsuccessful attempt at plugging the leak, all the finger-pointing amongst responsible parties began today at Senate Hearings.  You see, it was the other guy’s fault…

Token Right Wing Talking Points Update: remember, former horse show judge and disgraced FEMA Director Michael “Heckuva job, Brownie” Brown of Hurricane Katrina infamy?  Well, apparently, Obama wanted the oil spill to happen, because he secretly hates the oil industry…  And upping the crazy ante a bit, former Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino goes so far as to suggest that Obama probably rigged it himself.


2.  Times Square Car Bombing…FAILED!  You know this story.  Police find and defuse bomb in car left in Times Square.  After a somewhat less than smooth operation, culprit nabbed about 53 hours later as he tries to board a plane to the Middle East.  Culprit turns out to be American citizen who sings like a bird, AFTER being read his Miranda rights.  But just to keep things interesting, republicans (predictably) go insane!

Insanity spokesmen: our favorite former-almost Vice President Joe Lieberman (i-CT) and bitter bridesmaid John McCain (r-AZ).  How about this for patriotic?  In response to this FAILED terrorist attack, Dumb and Dumber propose a bill stripping Miranda rights and granting the government indefinite detention authority for terrorism suspects.  Keep in mind, dear reader, these are people suspected of terrorism.  SUSPECTED of terrorism.  Goodbye, Bill of Rights!!

BUT, just when you think republicans are digging themselves into a hole, that its the Obama Administration that stands for truth, justice and the American way…Attorney General Eric Holder drops this bomb.  Come on, dude!

3.  Okay, #3 isn’t exactly huge news, but its part of one of my favorite patterns amongst our right-wing “family values” heroes.  Following in the footsteps of Larry CraigMark Foley, Ted Haggardand this guyand this guy…once again, yet ANOTHER rabidly anti-gay conservative activist is caught in the act, and turns out to be…GAY!

Now, in case you didn’t know, Mr. George Rekers co-founded the uber-conservative “think”-tank Family Research Council, which boasts nearly 1/2 million members with its “traditional family values” agenda.  Calling Obama our “first gay president“, this groups champions “gay cure therapy” and is SO anti-gay they once attacked George Bush for “promoting the homosexual agenda”.

But not so anti-gay, that its co-founder can’t occasionally hire himself a male escort from RentBoy.com to “carry his luggage” while on vacation in Europe.

The party…never ends…


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