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Rand Paul….wow.  This guy is…really something.

Last week, the republican establishment was torn asunder when Rand Paul, Tea Bagger Party favorite and son of kind of likable, yet somewhat  extreme former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul (list of pesky government agencies: Education, FEMA, Health and Human Services…), absolutely trounced his opponent, Secretary of State Trey Grayson, in the Kentucky Senate republican primary.  This, despite Grayson’s whole-hearted support from republican heavyweights like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and admitted war criminal DICK Cheney.

All hail the Tea Party, slayer of the establishment, vanquisher of incumbents, harbinger of the (next) American revolution!

Ohhhh, but wait.

During a fairly pointed interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, Paul got into a jam defending the rationale of his position against the Civil Rights Act.   Apparently, Title II, wherein private businesses aren’t allowed to discriminate based on race, is a great example of government overstepping its bounds.   He called this an in consequential philosophical discussion, and wondered whether private business should now also be forced to allow guns into their businesses, per the Second Amendment.


Not to be outdone (by himself), Dr. Paul went on Good Morning America and railed against President Obama for his tough, “un-American” talk about pressuring BP (a British company) to clean up the 20-173 MILLION GALLONS OF OIL (so far…yeah) spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.  There goes Obama, beating up on those poor, patriotic multinational corporations again.  According to Paul, Obama should show some respect:  we shouldn’t blame the oil companies, or Halliburton…”sometimes, accidents happen.”


To their credit, republicans are starting to distance themselves from Mr. Paul’s interesting viewpoints, including chair of the republican party Michael Steele, the Kentucky GOP, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Of course, you can always count on Sarah Palin to bring the crazy back, in her unflagging support for the good eye doctor from Kentucky.

(Hey, see if you can muddle your way this Palin gem:   “When Rand Paul had anticipated that he’d be able to engage in a discussion, he being a libertarian-leaning constitutional conservative, being able to engage in a discussion with a TV character, a media personality, who perhaps had an agenda in asking the question and then interpreting his answer the way that she did, he wanted to talk about, evidently, some hypotheticals as it applies to impacts on the Civil Rights Act, as it impacts our Constitution.”…hurts, doesn’t it?)

Fearing another foot-in-mouth incident (translation: Hi America, this is actually how I think…so be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID), he fled in terror from a scheduled Meet The Press interview, making him only the third last-minute cancellation in 62 years.

Said Rand Paul to his fans, after winning the Kentucky primary:  “What I say to Washington is ‘Watch out, here we come.'”

Oh…we’ll see…we’ll see…

UPDATE:  Rand Paul is planning a little campaign staff “shake-up“.  Ohhh, they’d better be GOOD…

UPDATE 2:  Ever heard of the NAFTA Superhighway?  No?  Well, Rand Paul has.


Written by D. Heffernan

May 26, 2010 at 3:33 pm

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