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Super Tuesday(s)

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Somehow, Tuesdays went and became Super.

For NCAA basketball, for every conceivable local, state and national referendum or election, Mardis Gras’ Super Fat Tuesday, Super Duper Tuesday…Super Tuesday Fashion Wars?

For me, when I wake up on Tuesday morning, having just survived yet another Monday, my reaction is less “Its Super Tuesday!!!” and more “Dear God!  Its only Tuesday?”

But I digress.  Last Tuesday really was Super Tuesday (no, really).  There were national and state primaries and special elections and ballot measures and propositions state and local.  There were highs and lows, heartbreaking disappointments, reinvigorations of hope, and plenty of general weirdness.  So, in the tradition of putting random lists together with funny, bold titles, I present my highs and lows and “Wha?” of the Super Duper Ruper Tuesday past.

SWEET: Prop 16 LOSES!  Nothing so far this year has given me more hope for our political and national future than this.  Proposition 16 would have required a 2/3 majority vote before local governments could enter into agreements to provide community choice in power providers, thereby consolidating PG&E’s stranglehold monopoly on California energy production.  This was the ultimate David v. Goliath battle — PG&E (I’m sorry, I mean “Californians to Protect Our Right to Vote“…jerks) funding hit the $44 million mark on May 24th, while the No on 16 “campaign” dropped less than $100,000.  Finally! In an election and political atmosphere absolutely dripping with gobs of sweet, sweet cash, boatloads of money just weren’t enough to trick California voters.  Next stop:  public power!!!

Blanche Lincoln wins Senate Democratic Primary run-off in Arkansas against progressive-challenger Bill Halter.  Ahhhhhh, Blanche.  One of the last Democratic party holdouts against Health Care Reform, Blanche also thinks the Clean Air Act goes too far, loves BP and Big Oil in general, and despises unions…you know, typical Democratic platform sort of stuff.  Yet, even with some very fishy goings-on (for example, one district that voted overwhelmingly for Bill Halter in the primary found their open polling stations reduced from 40 to 2 on election day), Halter conceded the race to Lincoln, who is now free to lose against any republican that comes forward in the Fall election…because nothing rallies the Democratic base like a conservative democrat.

UGH: Well, I suppose the competition was Sue “you can just pay your doctor with a chicken” Lowden, but still, in a state where they outlawed the wearing of chicken suits to polling places, republicans elected Sharron Angle – tea party darling, scientologist and general right wing lunatic – to represent them this fall against incumbent Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Apparently, “too weird” isn’t in the Nevada lexicon.  Reid, once in real danger in November, now sleeps easy at night, or does he?

WHA?: Some dude won the Senate Democratic primary in South.  I say, “some dude”, because no one knows who he is.  Alvin Greene ran no campaign, lives with his mother, hasn’t worked since 2009, and apparently walked in and tried to pay his campaign fees with a personal check. And…it turns out that he’s facing obscenity charges from an incident last November for showing obscene pictures to a college student. Yet, he CRUSHED the incumbent Vic Rawl – 59% to 41%.  Hmmmmm… Majority House Whip Clyburn alleges republican conspiracy.  Or, maybe the alphabet was to blame (Greene does come before Rawl, after all).  This will get interesting…and see the strange and bizarre interview on Keith Olbermann…

Definitely, a Super Tuesday…


Written by D. Heffernan

June 15, 2010 at 6:12 am

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  1. Prop 16 really is quite the statement. PG&E tried to kill some quality renewable energy projects, distributed power (which everyone except PG&E agrees is the long term answer to all sorts of societal problems), and democracy in general. I can’t believe $44M wasn’t enough to buy one single prop. I mean, really, what does a poor goliath corporation have to do these days to buy one pathetic, measly proposition?


    June 15, 2010 at 6:49 am

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