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Fun at CPAC

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So, every year, there’s this event called CPAC, which stands for Conservative Prima-donnas Acting Crazy.  Wait, thats not right…its Conservative Political Action Conference, but it is a time for republicans and other right wing folks to attempt to out-crazy each other in their efforts to shape their waaaaaay to-the-right agenda for the year ahead, and throw their loud, obnoxious support behind their pick for the 2012 anti-Obama.

This is always a good time for the whole family, and includes all our favorites from the lunatic fringe, as well as a bunch of mainstream republicans trying to prove their street cred by displaying their inner psycho.

Here’s some highlights from this years’ event:

  • Same old story: Keynote speaker, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (r-LooneyTown), rallied the feisty crowd with some standard fare – Obama has “ushered in socialism”, his policies are a “moral tragedy” which are “consuming the future” of generations of Americans…blah, blah…meh, we’ve heard crazier from you, Michelle.   Keynote speaker, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Paranoia Express: Pamela Gellar, everyone’s hero of the “No Mosque at Ground Zero” controversy (extra credit question:  now that the 2010 elections are over, how was this controversy resolved?  Yeah, thought so…), declared that CPAC had been “compromised by Muslim Brotherhood Activists“. Sigh…want some more gems from this basket case?  Well, did you know, for instance, that Obama was romantically involved with a “crack whore” in his youth?  So, yeah, thats the kind of panel presentation thats par for the course at CPAC.
  • First Amendment not a good one: Ann Coulter, in a Q&A session, defended Egypt’s detention of dissidents and journalists in the run-up to Mubarak’s resignation:  “You don’t go around disturbing countries where you have a loyal ally…I think there should be more jailed journalists”.  Wow, seriously?  There should be more jailed journalists. Not jailed dictators and war criminals…journalists.  Crowd reaction?  HUGE applause and cheering.  Same reaction to her puppy-drowning advocacy a few minutes later…
  • Celebrating diversity:  Just because its one of the most puzzling memberships in the GOP, doesn’t mean gay republicans aren’t welcomed with open arms at CPAC, right?  Riiiiiiiiight.  Ryan Sorba, California Young Republicans for Freedom:  “I’d like to condemn CPAC for bringing GOPride (sic) to this event.”  Surprisingly (see above reaction to  anti-Bill of Rights speech), this was met with some booing, to which Ryan Sorba reacted:  “The lesbians at Smith College protest than you do. All right?  Bring it.”  Ahhh, good times, good times.
  • And then there was Donald Trump. The Donald was there, and you (hopefully) missed it!  He dissed perennial Presidential straw poll winner Ron Paul (ouch, professional reality TV Star/twitterer Sarah Palin takes 9th!!), cracked a few jokes…it was AWESOME…kind of.  Dream Ticket:  Trump-Bachmann 2012!!!

Oh, just you wait, election season has barely even started yet…


Written by D. Heffernan

February 16, 2011 at 5:41 am

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