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Republican Governors at play

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Its deadlock in DC.  Republicans refuse to consider any legislation that will help the American economy, and hold the debt ceiling hostage to massive budget cuts with zero revenue increases.  Democrats and the President continue to “compromise” by moving farther and farther to the right…from a strong center-right starting point.  Across the country, however, republicans are hard at work making the United States a less and less desirable place to live…but a great place to run a corporation:

  • Keeping our drinking establishments safe:  What we really need to get America back on track is a way of life that more closely resembles the HBO series “Deadwood”.  Ohio Governor signs bill allowing guns in bars.  Firearms and alcohol…is there a better mix?
  • Our way or the highway (gets closed, due to lack of funds):  Much like their brethren in Washington, republicans in Minnesota have taken the emminently reasonable stance that negotiating with Democrats on filling a budget shortfall means republicans get everything they want:  100% budget cuts, zero new revenues.  Because, if you’re starving, rather than attempt to acquire food, you should just try to lose weight, right?  Anyhow, the government of Minnesota has now shutdown – all parks closed, no more “non-essential” government services (you know, like community services for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence), and more than 20,000 layoffs (good for the economy!)…  Just imagine the fun with a Federal shutdown! Can’t wait?  Yeah, me too.
  • Kansas – a great place to be a woman:  Republicans have long been defenders of the rule of law, except for those they don’t agree with…like Roe v. Wade.  Newly elected Kansas governor Sam Brownback has been busy denying the legitimacy of the Supreme Court by shutting down clinics that provide abortions all over the state.  By enacting a new law giving clinics 7 days to comply with amazingly strict new regulations, Kansas is now down to a single clinic…yes, 1 clinic, 1.5 million women…seems fair, right?
  • Gas Yes, Brains No!:  Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and his legislative minions passed a draconian budget slashing $280 million from Medicaid benefits (which translates to $425 million with federal matching), and a staggering $863 million from higher education.  Once again, zero new revenues, solving budget shortfalls by going after the poor, the sick…and the smart (on the upside, more future republican voters!).  Did you know that Pennsylvania is the only state NOT to tax companies that drill for natural gas?  Did you know that Tom Corbett’s campaign received $450,000 from Chesapeake Energy in 2004?  Yeah….


And yet, sometimes there is that oh-so-rare, refreshingly-sweet, taste of victory, something that makes the very souls of coal-blooded, self-righteous republican recoil and wither…New York just made same sex marriage legal.  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll actually witness here a shift in a seemingly unmoveable world view amongst the increasingly-elusive rational republican…just ask David Frum (former George W. Bush speechwriter), who penned the amazingly humble “I was wrong about same-sex marriage“…see kids, miracles DO happen.

Now we just need some more.


Written by D. Heffernan

July 2, 2011 at 6:35 pm

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