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Fiscal Cliff Kind of Averted!

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Merry Fiscal Cliff(mas)! (via Red Green & Blue)

Hooray (kind of)!!! The so-called “fiscal cliff” has been averted (for now). A deal was reached at the very last minute, and, to save us all from their own manufactured crisis, Democrats and Republicans came together in peace and harmony (HAHAHAHAHAHA!) and voted to increase taxes on the richest…

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Written by D. Heffernan

January 4, 2013 at 3:57 pm

Mitt’s Final Push

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poor-romneyElection 2012:  Mitt’s Last Stand (via Red Green & Blue)

(I’ve recently been writing for a blog called Red, Green and Blue, part of Important Media Network…check it out!!)

Mitt Romney is getting desperate. Sure, national polling is close, with only a slight edge for Obama becoming apparent in recent days.  However, the electoral college – that archaic remnant of the early days of our Union – not so much.  Romney looks to have a depressing Tuesday night ahead of him.  At least, if […]

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November 5, 2012 at 10:49 pm

How to “win” a debate: Lie. Repeatedly.

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Mitt Romney and His Magical Mystery Tax Policy (via Red Green & Blue)

(I’ve recently been writing for a blog called Red, Green and Blue, part of Important Media Network…check it out!!)

Well, it was quite a debate.   We laughed, we cried…we winced…we wondered “Did Obama really let that BS stand?”… We heard some surprising news from Mitt Romney too.  It turns out that what he’s been saying all along about his tax policy was incorrect!  Mitt Romney is going to cut everyone…

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Written by D. Heffernan

October 6, 2012 at 9:03 pm

The Gloves Come Off…FINALLY!

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Could it be?

Is the long, dark cave-athon to the republican party over?

Its been tough, lo these last few years.  Universal Health Care?  No dice.  Tax cuts for the wealthy?  Maintained.  Stronger clean air standards?  On hold.  Debt ceiling crisis solution? 100% spending cuts.  Address to joint session of congress?  Rescheduled.

Yes, pretty painful to watch.  Compromise is great when the other side is willing to meet you halfway, but not when it means “we get everything WE want, and you get nothing.”  Where’s the 2008 Obama?  Where’s the backbone?  How about some Democratic ideals winning the day every now and then?  What, on earth, is your strategy, Mr. President?

Here it is:  math.

Warren Buffett (why aren’t more rich people like this?) once complained that his secretary paid a higher tax rate than he does.  (Buffett, whose net worth in 2007 was approximately $52 billion, paid just 17% on earnings of $46 million in 2006, his $60,000/year secretary?  30%.)  He called out his fellow richies at a recent fundraiser for Hilary Clinton:  “If you’re in the luckiest 1 per cent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 per cent.”  Wow…just imagine the 3rd wealthiest person in the world saying that to a room full of rich donors.

Obama has (FINALLY) seized the moment.  “Either we ask the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share in taxes, or we’re going to have to ask seniors to pay more for Medicare,” Obama said on Monday. “We can’t afford to do both.”


In addition to inisting…err, again…that the Bush-era tax cuts for upper-income earners be allowed to expire, he has proposed the “Buffett Rule“:  a minimum tax rate for millionaires and billionaires.  This “controversial” idea that the wealthy should pay at least the same tax rate as lower income earners isn’t going to fix everything, but  makes a powerful statement on priorities.

As expected, the republicans respond with cries of “Class Warfare” to any suggestion that the wealthy pay a little bit more of their fair share to help our country pay for what it needs.  They fail to see the irony that by creating a system that favors the welfare of the rich and large corporations at the expense of social safety nets (which they call “living within our means”), they are merely…well, there’s no point using logic here, right?  Elizabeth Warren, Democratic candidate for Senator in Massachusetts recently said “There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own“.  Its time to give back.

Anyways, its exciting stuff…or it could be.   The public is on the President’s side: more than 2/3 of the country, including a majority of republicans (believe it), favor increasing taxes on incomes greater than $250,000.   If you throw in eliminating subsidies and tax breaks for oil companies (some of which goes straight to Exxon Mobil, the MOST PROFITABLE COMPANY IN THE WORLD), and closing the loophole allowing hedge fund managers to claim their income as capital gains (this would raise $4 billion a year…from just 25 people), pretty soon, you’re talking real money.

Stand strong, Mr. President.

Written by D. Heffernan

September 23, 2011 at 3:42 pm

BOMBSHELL: Obama IS an American Citizen

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If you’re like me, you’ve spent the last 4 years in an absolute panic of doubt and suspicion, wondering, as I have:  Who the hell are the Kardashians?  Was Barack Obama REALLY born in the United States?

Because if he wasn’t (and he probably wasn’t, especially now that Donald Trump has been talking about it on the the TV), then he MUST be a Kenyan Muslim socialist, intent on imposing sharia law on the United States and rounding up all the republicans in internment camps.

Of course, he released his “short form” birth certificate back in 2009, but who believed that?  How could we possibly take him both at his word, and with definitive proof?  Come on, give us something here.  I mean, hell, even I have a fake short form certificate.   What?  You say you didn’t know my name was Max Burly, born February 30th, 1867 (oops, heh heh, that must be the hospital’s typo)?

And now this:  the White House finally released Obama’s clearly photo-shopped (thank you FOX BUSINESS NEWS!), long-form birth certificate.  Nice try, Obama…if that is your real name!

Deeply respected attorney Orly Taitz, Esq., quickly exposed it for the mockery it makes of us all, shrewdly pointing out that, in a real birth certificate, the father’s race would have read “Negro”, not “African”, because that’s how folks talked back then.  Go Orly!  That is SO true!  What does he think we are, stewpid?

Look, its not like we’ve got anything against Obama.  I mean, we ask this of all the Presidents.  Remember George W. Bush’s “Certificate-Gate”?  Bill Clinton’s famous “I am NOT a Berliner” speech?  Reagan’s heartwarming televised reunion with his Pakistani parents (OMG…awkward!!!)?  And no way were we letting that Panamanian John McCain into the White House, are you with me fellas?

No, just like all the other times, this is just an honest attempt at getting at the truth.  So lets not let this die, people.  Until Obama builds a time machine and takes me back to the exact moment of his birth, color this writer skeptical.  Of course, then I would need to review an extended series of photos over the course of his lifetime, taken at least once a month…because it could have been any old baby, right?

Hey, did you hear that Obama could be the Anti-Christ?

Just let him prove he isn’t…

Written by D. Heffernan

May 3, 2011 at 4:57 am

2011 Score: Tea Party 1, Obama 0

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I guess its time to relax and kick back.  Government shutdown averted.  2011 budget “compromise” reached.  The spirit of bipartisanship shines through the land.

And, as the media narrative goes, “In the end, all sides claimed victory.”

I’m still trying to figure out how that’s possible.

Just 4 months after forcing Democrats to acquiesce to extending huge tax breaks for the wealthy, republicans have now correctly identified all of our recent economic problems (geniuses!) as stemming from too much government spending.  Overly-tanned golf pro Speaker of the House John Boehner (r-OH), called for ambitious cuts of $32 billion to 2010 spending levels (mostly to social programs benefiting that selfish, overly-pampered margin of society, the less fortunate) as the solution to righting our Ship of State.   Nothing creates jobs like cutting federal investments in infrastructure and science, right?  RIGHT?  Aghast, the new Tea Party caucus of the republican party forced Boehner to the bargaining table demanding more than $60 billion in cuts.  This was about $100 billion less than Obama originally proposed back in February 2010.

Our line in the sand (yes, I’ve chosen my side, and I’m sticking to it…for now) was Planned Parenthood funding.  After our “final” offer of cutting $33 billion from the 2010 budget (remember, this is more than republicans initially proposed), we absolutely would not budge on around $363 million for Planned Parenthood as part of Title X funding (signed into law by…wait for it…Richard Nixon, ladies and gentlemen, Richard F_ing Nixon).  Republicans insisted that absolutely nothing creates jobs quite like eliminating reproductive planning for women.  Fearing the consequences of a government shutdown, we “compromised” by cutting another $5.5 billion from the budget and allowing a rider to ban funding for abortions in Washington, DC (for the poor…once again, those damned less fortunate!) because thats how much we care about principle.

And both sides claimed victory.

Humor me for a moment.

Lets say you are approached by a strange man who LOUDLY demands your wallet and car keys.  You hand these over quickly, because you want to avoid conflict (even though the man has no weapon, he does seem slightly crazy).  Then the strange man demands your jacket.  Thinking quickly, because its an important jacket and the only jacket you have for your family, you offer the strange man your shirt and pants, then your underwear, socks and shoes.  Finally, the strange man agrees.  When asked by a curious onlooker, both of you claim victory, the strange man because he got you to hand over your wallet, car keys and most of your clothes merely by speaking loudly, and you, of course, because you still have the jacket.

Next up: Another “compromise” on raising the debt-ceiling.  Failure to raise the debt ceiling will have global consequences (bad ones).  According to Eric Cantor (r-VA), House Majority Whip: “There comes at times leverage moments, a time when the president will capitulate to what the American people want right now.”


Written by D. Heffernan

April 12, 2011 at 6:29 am

The Week(s) Gone By

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Never a dull moment, even when I’m too busy moving 1/2 mile away to write about it.  But everyone loves lists, right?  Well, here are my Top 3 stories (in no particular order) from the past…errrr…3 1/2 weeks?  (sorry)

1.  Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill:  From towering inferno to worst environmental disaster ever, this poster-boy for the “safety” of offshore oil-drilling is still pumping about 200,000 gallons of oil into the ocean…and onto land (and birds and turtles and…) every single day.  After an unsuccessful attempt at plugging the leak, all the finger-pointing amongst responsible parties began today at Senate Hearings.  You see, it was the other guy’s fault…

Token Right Wing Talking Points Update: remember, former horse show judge and disgraced FEMA Director Michael “Heckuva job, Brownie” Brown of Hurricane Katrina infamy?  Well, apparently, Obama wanted the oil spill to happen, because he secretly hates the oil industry…  And upping the crazy ante a bit, former Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino goes so far as to suggest that Obama probably rigged it himself.


2.  Times Square Car Bombing…FAILED!  You know this story.  Police find and defuse bomb in car left in Times Square.  After a somewhat less than smooth operation, culprit nabbed about 53 hours later as he tries to board a plane to the Middle East.  Culprit turns out to be American citizen who sings like a bird, AFTER being read his Miranda rights.  But just to keep things interesting, republicans (predictably) go insane!

Insanity spokesmen: our favorite former-almost Vice President Joe Lieberman (i-CT) and bitter bridesmaid John McCain (r-AZ).  How about this for patriotic?  In response to this FAILED terrorist attack, Dumb and Dumber propose a bill stripping Miranda rights and granting the government indefinite detention authority for terrorism suspects.  Keep in mind, dear reader, these are people suspected of terrorism.  SUSPECTED of terrorism.  Goodbye, Bill of Rights!!

BUT, just when you think republicans are digging themselves into a hole, that its the Obama Administration that stands for truth, justice and the American way…Attorney General Eric Holder drops this bomb.  Come on, dude!

3.  Okay, #3 isn’t exactly huge news, but its part of one of my favorite patterns amongst our right-wing “family values” heroes.  Following in the footsteps of Larry CraigMark Foley, Ted Haggardand this guyand this guy…once again, yet ANOTHER rabidly anti-gay conservative activist is caught in the act, and turns out to be…GAY!

Now, in case you didn’t know, Mr. George Rekers co-founded the uber-conservative “think”-tank Family Research Council, which boasts nearly 1/2 million members with its “traditional family values” agenda.  Calling Obama our “first gay president“, this groups champions “gay cure therapy” and is SO anti-gay they once attacked George Bush for “promoting the homosexual agenda”.

But not so anti-gay, that its co-founder can’t occasionally hire himself a male escort from RentBoy.com to “carry his luggage” while on vacation in Europe.

The party…never ends…

Obama Goes Nuclear

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Remember George W. Bush’s relentless campaign to free the world of nuclear weapons and bring peace and security to the world?  No?  Huh…thats funny.

Last week, President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev pledged to reduce, over the next 7 years (I mean, really, what’s the rush, right?), each country’s nuclear arsenal by about 1/3…to a mere 1,550 warheads each.  This is still PLENTY of nukes to make life pretty miserable in an “exchange”.  Still…this is PROGRESS, this is another in a series of important foreign policy steps that Obama has taken (and yes, I know its not all good stuff)…and someday…I mean, even Reagan (first sacred liberator, now apparently pariah of the right) dreamed of a nuclear weapons-free world.

Also notable is a shift in nuclear posture, though it defies rational belief that such a position would need to clarified, but here we are.  The U.S. will not use nuclear weapons first on any nation that has signed, and is in compliance with, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  This, of course, excludes Iran and North Korea.

Ahhh, but now there’s the tricky matter of the amazingly unproductive U.S. Senate (where all good bills go to die) from which a 2/3 vote is required to ratify any treaty…another brilliant move from our nation’s founders…thanks Franklin!

Other problems:  stupid people.

  • Easily the MOST preposterous “critique” comes from Facebooker Tina Fey Sarah Palin:  “It’s kinda like getting out there on a playground, a bunch of kids, getting ready to fight, and one of the kids saying, ‘Go ahead, punch me in the face and I’m not going to retaliate. Go ahead and do what you want to with me.'”  Sadly, no…in reality ITS NOTHING AT ALL LIKE THAT!  But, who needs pesky things like facts, and truth, when you’ve got that folksy charm, right?
  • “Independent” Joe Lieberman, everyone’s favorite former Democrat:  “I am going to be real hesitant to vote for this treaty unless we have a commitment from the Administration that they are prepared to modernize our nuclear stockpile.”  Of course, the myth that our nuclear stockpile is slowly deteriorating to the point that none of them will fire if we need them is a favorite republican talking point.  Keep up the good work, Joe!
  • Not to be outdone in crazy, Fox News gets in on their own fear-mongering as images of a mushroom cloud (believe it) follow Megyn Kelly’s intriguing lead-in to coverage of the treaty signing:  “Now critics are asking, will the new deal leave the U.S. defenseless until it’s too late?”  Curiously, she forgets to mention that those critics are idiots.
  • Senator Lamar Alexander (r-TN) joins in on John McCain’s post-health care bill temper tantrum:  “There’s not a chance the treaty will be approved this year”.  Now that Bush is out of office, the single most important republican cause has become the debt…HEY DUMMY…eh, never mind, there’s no talking with these people…

Should we hang on to some shred of hope that we can peel off a reasonable number of republicans to ratify this thing?  That within the grand old party, there are a few cool heads, a few decent people who favor sensible policy and progress over stubborn party unity?  We’ll see…we’ll see…

In the meantime, check out John Stewart’s take on the issue.

Cheers, John.

Written by D. Heffernan

April 13, 2010 at 3:30 pm

The going gets weird…

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Wait a second…what’s this?

Quote today from Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, “I think the term ‘cap and trade’ is not in the lexicon anymore.”

Almost simultaneously, Barack Obama gave the middle finger to U.S. environmentalists and progressives by opening large swaths of the coastline to offshore oil drilling.


In the immortal words of The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy: “What is this – Bizarro-world?”  Is Obama now following the ridiculously misinformed “Drill-baby-Drill” mantra of former VP-candidate/annoying twitterer Sarah Palin?  Are we “pulling a single-payer“, where we give up tons of ground to the right (known, of course, as “compromising”) in advance of hoped-for bipartisan legislation that, in the end, will fail to gain a single republican vote?

What is the strategy here?  Environmental groups (Helllooo Democratic party base!) are alienated.  The right scoffs and demands more concessions…before they collectively DON’T vote for any future energy plan (I’m looking at you, John “I’m a big baby” McCain).  And this, right after an admittedly huge win on health care.  Back to the bipartisan drawing board…oyyyy…STOP THE MADNESS!!!

I can’t help but be cynical…and stop me if this sounds familiar…but I see a long, protracted battle where Democrats are “forced” to give more and more ground to republicans, until we have, AT BEST, a VERY centrist bill with only moderate, uninspired public support, on an issue of monumental importance to our country and the world at large, with lots of right wing lunatics (encouraged by politicans and weeping TV personalities) screaming their heads off about the end of their country and their freedom and blahblahblah…and maybe someone brings a gun or two (again…encouraged) to a “climate town hall”…that ends, possibly in defeat, with no republicans willing to cross the aisle…and a terrible November for Democrats.

PLEASE, tell me I’m wrong.

Written by D. Heffernan

April 1, 2010 at 3:38 am

Smooth Sailing for Health Care Reform…HA!

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WE’RE SAVED!  Kind of…

The Senate Bill is now law…Obama, Pelosi, Reid and a tomato truck full of beaming Democrats had an all-smiles and handshakes and applause bill-signing ceremony yesterday.  Important reforms go into place IMMEDIATELY.  The reconciliation bill (from the House), which will modify the bill to make it a little less sucky, is now being “debated” in the Senate.

The republican/tea-party/right-wing-nut-job response?

  • A series of “can’t vote no” amendments during today’s Senate debate, meant to intimidate enough Democrats into passing at least one, thereby changing the bill and sending it back to the House for another vote…delay, delay, delay…highlight:  “No Erectile Disfunction Drugs for Sex Offenders”, courtesy of “Doctor” Tom Coburn (r-OK).
  • Red state attorneys general sue the government over constitutionality of helping the sick
  • Professional Twitterer and ex-governor Sarah Palin is calling the rabble literally to arms (sorry, i can’t bear to link to her sites…i’ll let you click through if you don’t believe it…its IS shocking…) against Democrats.
  • Throwing misspelled, message-laden bricks through the front windows of Democratic offices around the country.
  • Issuing death threats…does this need additional commentary?

They will do anything…ANYTHING to stop this.  No gutter is too low, no cheap shot too far below the belt.  Gun nuts, corrupt pols, chronic misspellers, bigots and general haters.

But we’re almost there…almost there…don’t waiver.  BE STRONG!

We got this.

Written by D. Heffernan

March 24, 2010 at 5:11 pm