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Republicans boldly defend America from progress

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Oklahoma GOP RompWhen he’s not busy insisting the sun revolves around a flat, 6,000 year old Earth, republican knucklehead Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma leads the crusade against global warming.  This moron is so anti-environment, so against everything good and sane, that sometimes he’s even too extreme for his party.

So next month, to protect us all from…whatever…he’s off on an anti-American (yeah, thats right, I said it) mission to Copenhagen to present “the truth” about global warming during the upcoming global climate summit.  Because what’s more American than a member of congress trashing the President on foreign soil?

You know why we got NOWHERE under the Bush Administration?  Why we have such travesties of environmental legislation as the “Clear Skies” initiative?  Its because this asshole was in charge of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

Well, now its our turn.

So, what do cry-babies do when they’re out of power?  Why, throw a temper tantrum, of course!  And now, Seargent Dork Senator Inhofe is leading (his sheep) a republican boycott of committee hearings on the Boxer-Kerry “cap-and-trade” bill to address carbon emissions.   Ahhh…republicans…

Who are these guys?  Do they have anything to offer?  ANYTHING AT ALL?

I’ll tell you, just as soon as little baby stops pouting…



Written by D. Heffernan

November 3, 2009 at 4:46 pm